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I Assignment Content

First of all, it is worth saying that strict adherence to the required format and careful study of the assignment itself can help you a lot. In order to understand what the developers want from you, read EVERYTHING that is written essays websites in the assignment. Take your time! From my own experience, I can say that a very high probability of missing the key points and requirements after the first reading of the topics to the essay.

So, in this assignment, you are offered a choice of 3 time periods that correspond to important periods in Russian history. You need to write an essay on them, revealing in your work several events and the role of historical figures in them, the choice of which is left to you. For example, you are given the following time periods: (1964-1982); (1855-1881); (1237-1242).

The peculiarity here is that you are immediately tested on the knowledge of dates and periods in history, because without this knowledge you will not be able to understand what personalities and events relate to each of the segments, because besides these dates you will not have anything else. So my first advice to you: in 95% of cases you will be offered 3 time segments on this very principle, which you have to memorize like a mantra:

Period 1 - the reign of the Rurikovich (+Troubles).

Period 2 - the reign of the Romanovs.

3rd period -XXX century.

And only for the remaining 5% is the probability that you will be given the beginning of the XXI century in one of the segments and it is very important not to forget about it while preparing for the exam. The difficulty of this task is also that last year there were introduced options in which the segments are specified with specific months, beyond which it is impossible to go. For example: October 1917-December 1922.

II Writing Format.

It is important to note here that one should not expect special attention to the use of various clichés or peculiarities of writing grabmyessay on the part of the committee members, but there are a number of general recommendations for each of the paragraphs. There are supposed to be five in total. Now let's analyze each of them in detail according to the criteria.

The first paragraph should begin with the phrase: "The period analyzed is very important in the history of Russia. Here you are required to do very little: just indicate 2 events/processes (preferably with reference to a specific date), which fit into the framework of the period, without a detailed disclosure. Bottom line - you already have 1 criterion in your pocket!

The 2nd paragraph should contain a disclosure of the roles of the two historical figures associated with the above events. The algorithm here is: 1 person - role in event 1; 2 person - role in event 2. At this step, students are often confronted with the difficulty of interpreting the concept of "role in an event. In fact, it's very simple: a person's role in an event is basically his specific actions (orders, command of troops, negotiations, etc.) that influenced this event and are related to it directly. For example: the role of Peter I in the Battle of Poltava was that it was he who gave the orders to the troops and it was under his direct command of the Russian army defeated the Swedish. The role of the role should be disclosed in as much detail as possible, so that the inspectors did not have unnecessary questions.

Paragraph 3 can be called the most difficult in terms of scoring, and now you and I will figure out why. It requires you to specify two causal relationships within the selected period. What does this mean? You have to take 2 more new(!) events(processes,phenomena) and specify the other 2 events that they influenced, while indicating a cause and effect relationship. Sounds scary, doesn't it? Although in fact it is very simple! Here a striking example: We take the 10th congress of the RCP(b) in 1921 as an event and indicate that it has directly influenced the replacement of the policy of "war communism" by the policy of "New Economic Policy". The cause-and-effect relationship is indicated, and again you have a point in your pocket!

Paragraph 4 should contain a historical assessment of the significance of the period, based on facts or an authoritative opinion. Here you have two options: either you generally evaluate the significance of the period, "throwing in" the facts of its impact on other events (in this plan you can go beyond the upper limits of the period and describe its impact on events in the future), or you memorize in advance the opinions of famous historians on all periods and specify them. In this plan, you can quote authoritative historians such as Klyuchevsky, Solovyov, and Karamzin.

With paragraph 5, you conclude the entire essay with the classic "the significance of this period for Russian history cannot be overestimated because of...". Score again!

All in all, following this format will give you 7 points out of a possible 11. Another point for the use of historical terms and concepts, 2 points you will get for the absence of factual errors, and the last point for the form of presentation. Finally, the most important thing is not to get lost in the multitude of facts and be sure to provide specific dates and facts that will not cause the committee the slightest doubt!